Meta Is Adding More New Features To Help Drive Fundraising Campaigns Across Both Of Its Social Media Platforms

Meta has recently come up with a slew of new methods via which users can expand on their fundraising endeavors across all of the company’s separate social media platforms.

Social media sometimes may be a poison, dangerous, addictive, and all of the other buzzwords that older generations like to target at literally anything technology related the “selfie generation” is involved with. However, there’s no denying just how helpful and powerful such platforms are as tools. They can connect users from across the world with convenience, they can lead to entire careers forming out of content creation, they give voices to movements that have led to tangible real life change, and can lead to entire non-profit organizations being formed from the ground up. It’s surprising just how much good one can achieve with the interconnection that social media affords to the world. Meta, it seems, is looking to further expand upon said good achieved across its platforms.

Holidays are nearing with each passing day, it’s a merry, merry holiday season, and people are taking a leaf out of a reformed Mr. Scrooge’s book and giving back to the community. Fundraisers and donations, of course, are a major way that social media users can rely on in order to do their share of good deeds for others. Facebook’s Neighborhoods section now has a Giving Exchange feature that lets users, well, give back to said neighbors. A Giving Tuesday event, on the 30th of November this year, has also been scheduled on the Facebook Gaming platform, in order to raise money for non-profits. In other news, Instagram users have also been granted the ability to conduct multiple sets of fundraisers for different NGOs, giving them more ability to express themselves.

Meta isn’t content to simply run programs and a platform via which other individuals can raise money for charity. Quite the opposite as a matter of fact, since the company is matching up to USD $8 million in donations, which will be distributed to trustworthy NGOs. Overall, however, I guess that Meta’s willing to grab any positive press that it can. The company’s been in bad shape for quite a while overall. A worldwide pandemic, whistleblowers, and Congressional hearings will do that to a corporation. The any press is good press motto might end up being a little less useful than usual. Meta needs to re-establish rapport with its general user base, and what better way to do this short of the holiday season?

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