Hate Speeches see a massive rise during the pandemic, with the Asian community being targeted the most

Hate Speeches, Racism, Sexism are simple terms which you come across a lot, and these particular words and the actions associated with them are what makes the world a rather negative place to be in. For many years, these particular actions are trying to be stopped.

Among this, Hate Speech is something which easily confides all other forms like sexism racism within itself. Hate Speech simply means spewing some bad or hurtful words against some people or a particular community. While the world has fought for the longest time to limit hate speech online, the current data from 263 million online conversations show that the statistics on the spread of hate speech have increased by a huge margin between 2019 till 2021.

Before the pandemic, occurrence of hate crimes and speeches remained fairly low on the radar and consistent for a long time. However, after the pandemic occurred the hate speeches increased massively in the UK and US, especially against some particular ethnicities, reports a study by DitchTheLabel.

In UK and US, 28 percent rise in hate speech and racism was observed while 22 percent rise in online threats and violence was noted. While many different ethnicities were targeted on various factors, one which stood out the most was the hate against the Asian community.

This started after the pandemic was declared to have originated from China and was termed ‘Chinese Virus’ or ‘Kung Flu.’ The rise in hate speeches rose to almost 1,662 percent. While many thought this was only limited till the internet, things took some nasty turns and some extremely violent and lowlife people, took their anger out on the innocent members from that particular community. Almost eight Asian women from the start of the pandemic till March 2021 were murdered brutally. This was something horrific and voices were raised against such actions. Many celebrities came out and stood tall with the victims. People stated that the world was for everyone and no discrimination will be tolerated. Everyone deserves an equal right at life, which is very true.

In the US, hate crimes were preexistent even before the stats for online hate speeches rose, but the data showed that in the United Kingdom, hate crimes increased after hate speeches rose massively.

Hate speeches and crimes both are something unacceptable and should be eliminated from the society. People should realize all are equal and have an equal right to live a peaceful life. No country or ethnicity should be over another one.
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