The bar has been set high. Gen Z has a lot to give to the world, and has already out ran all its previous generations

Generation Z, better known as Gen Z are those individuals born between 1997 to 2012. These particular age groups will be the future of the world. With older ones slowly getting off the track in the world of business and workforce, the new comers (Gen Z) will soon be taking over.

What makes Gen Z so special is that, these individuals will have a different set of mind than those before them. This is because this lot was introduced to tech and the world of internet since their early days and having the exposure to the world early on in their life has made their mindset far more open and different than before.

LinkedIn shared some stats on this particular generation and found that 78 percent of Gen Z globally were already present on LinkedIn, with some joining right after high school. This generation also seemed to be engrossed in social media with the LinkedIn survey showing that 71 percent spent at least an hour on social media every day.

Hence, with them being so active online and in the workforce industry, LinkedIn though it is important for brands and companies to understand the key traits and thoughts this generation works on so that they can make maximum sales and connection through them.

The survey showed that by 2025, the workforce industry will mostly contain Gen Z’s, with 78 million of them globally already present on the platform. The highest LinkedIn user accounts of Gen Z seemed to be from America, followed by India, Brazil and France.

While many of them joined the platform soon after high school, and 20 percent among these who did go to university studied a business related field. But the thing is, Gen Z is different. It believes on the fact, that if one is not happy in a place or field they work in, they should definitely explore other fields of work without any regret as well. Hence LinkedIn saw that by Sept 2021, there was a 54 percent increase in job transitions throughout the world.

It is great that this generation isn’t limiting itself to a field which they have a degree in and aren’t afraid to check out other scopes and opportunities in life.

While they aren’t limiting themselves to field and work choices, they also aren’t limiting themselves to regions. Many individuals are working for companies thousands of miles away from them, and hence Gen Z has become the biggest mobile segment workforce and has left Millennials behind.

When we say, that Gen Z is different from its previous generations, we aren’t stating something we think. This was statistically proven by LinkedIn survey. Only 23 percent of the Millennials in the survey stated that they were similar to Gen Z back when they were the same age. The newer generation is far more focused, ambitious and career oriented with wanting better stability and income sources in life. They have a more positive approach at the world, they think and act differently and most of the times they are confident in what they are doing.

This generation has a lot of achieve and will benefit the world a lot from their knowledge. It isn’t a lot of time before the world experiences this.

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