Google Maps Now Makes Shopping Easy For You, Its New Feature Will Show You How Busy An Area Is

Google Maps launches four new features to improve the local shop experience for its iOS and Android users. It has also published statistics that suggest that the holiday season is the peak time for visiting certain shopping spots.

The new features are now worldwide available on the Google Maps.

In its official blog post, the company mentioned that as it is the season of holidays and many places are lifting restrictions, so, people would love to travel to places of their interest.

Thanks to Google Maps: its new features will help users to plan their trips before time so that they can enjoy to their fullest while avoiding rushy places. Unfortunately, initially, some features will only be specific to some regions, while the rest of them would be rolled out to Google Maps users across the globe.

The first of all features is called ‘Area Busyness’ by Google. This handy new feature is perfect for people who suffer from ochlophobia. Through this people can easily find out how busy a place is at any given time of the day. It will also show you particular trends at different hours of the day. All you have to do is tap on the area on the Google Map, and it will show you its busyness trend. According to Google’s promise, it is expected for Area Busyness to roll out both on OS and Android in the season of holidays.

The second feature is a much-needed one for urban areas: ‘Directory upgrade.’ This will allow users to plan their way around large buildings; faster than ever. The tab will be updated now and then, and every update will include information on all the outlets within the large building, whether it be a mall or an airport. Divided according to the categories, the tab will show a list of relevant businesses and other information including timing, rating, and location.

The third features ‘pickup with Google’ has made grocery shopping an efficient process. If you place an order through pickup with Google Maps, you can easily track your order status, share ETA, and even let the store know that you have arrived to pick up your order. With this feature currently live in only over 2000 store locations, over 30 states across the U.S, Google claims that people using it don’t have to wait for more than 5 minutes.

The users living in other areas of the world are also in deliberate need of this feature, however, there are no clues as such of rolling out this goodie to other countries.

The fourth feature includes more information on restaurants and cafes. The other Google Map users spotted that the new feature also now shows you the price ranges for the dining spots. Interestingly, you can also review a place more easily by selecting a list of features it has or doesn’t. It also includes options like delivery, outdoor seating, and pickup. Although restricted for the U.S, the feature may be globally available in the near time.

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