Mozilla concludes a report highlighting the best and worst privacy conscious smart and connected devices

Smart equipment’s and connected devices have become a common trend and are now widely available throughout the world. Just because of their wide popularity and some rally cool features they offer, such smart and connected devices have become a common gift category.

However, while you may be making your friend or family happy by gifting them some particular smart devices or simply buying one for yourself, your privacy may be being invaded. Why is that?

Well, Mozilla, the nonprofit organization conducted a report in which they concluded that majority of the smart devices which are currently active are keeping tracks and copying user data and information quite heavily without the consumer or buyer even knowing about it.

Hence, Mozilla has conducted a ‘Privacy not included’ guide which highlights products which offer basic security, products which can be labelled as ‘creepy’ in terms of tracking and some even which use camera, recording and GPS on users.

The basic aim in the conclusion of this report is to let users know which products are safe to buy and which will disrupt their privacy while at the same time it has been concluded to push companies in being more privacy oriented and concerned towards their users.

According to Mozilla, the company spent almost 950 hours in reviewing products and managed to review 151 products across six different categories. The categories included health, toys, wearables etc. and the list highlights some of the big and well-known names, which are heavily storing user data.

To start off the list of offenders, the company concluded 47 products which were extremely problematic in terms of privacy. One of the leading offenders was also one of the biggest name in the tech world: Facebook.

Facebook for the longest time has been stuck in privacy and security mismanagement accusations and to see its name on the list wasn’t some new. According to Mozilla, Facebook Portal contains a microphone and camera which upon user’s activity sends information back to the company each time.

Amazon Echo followed next, which was accused of stealing information on your kid. While it is terrifying for every parent, the question stands that how does it do so. Amazon Echo Dot while reads your kids bed time stories, it in returns starts learning a lot about your little one too. Hence, switch to the old school ways and use story books.

NordicTrack Treadmills on the other hand holds no privacy at all. The collect and sell your data, give it to third parties to target you with ads and will even bombard you with calls despite your number being on the not to call list.

While Mozilla highlighted companies with the worst privacy, it also appreciated those which have maintained the privacy and security of their users in a top notch way. 22 products were highlighted in the ‘Best Of’ category and these included some like Garmin Venu, iRobot Roomba, and Apple Homepod Mini.

The company with the best privacy was ‘Apple’ which isn’t something of a shock. Apple for the longest time has been privacy conscious for its users and its past actions are a proof of that.

Users, with the advancing technology need to be more conscious in products and gadgets they invest in now.

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