Fact checkers addresses the false rumor about Facebook using your photos after changing its name to Meta

Facebook soon after introducing its idea on a virtual reality universe called ‘Metaverse’ changed its company’s name to ‘Meta.’ All the apps which were associated with Facebook now come under the parent company name ‘Meta.’

However, the change in name was so sudden and came out of the blue, that many were shocked. Apart from this, the sudden news also started of some pretty lame rumors. The top among such rumors was that Facebook changing its company’s name apparently gives it the right over your private posts and photos, which the tech firm had to address itself.

Soon after Facebook changed its name to Meta, a rumor started circulating the main applications that after the Meta goes into launch as the company’s name, Facebook will have the right over all the posts (public or private), content or photos you have ever posted. Which is totally fake and misinformed.

Following, this several posts which apparently was deemed as a ‘legal notice’ started circulating as well. The content of such claims/posts was a notice which addressed that the user who has posted or shared that particular notice/post doesn’t give Facebook the right over their photos.

This isn’t the first time such a fake post and misinformed ‘notice’ in many cases have made its way on Facebook which has been shared numerous times with people believing it as authentic.

When the circulation of the post got out of hand and many started believing this false rumor, Facebook had to take matters in its own hands.

The tech firm said the changing of the company’s name doesn’t add make any changes into the rules it already had set. The name has though been changed to Meta, the rules and regulations have remained the same.

Facebook also addressed that posting or copying a fake rumored post won’t make people undo or back off from the regulations they already accepted when the first made their accounts. The tech firm followed this statement by addressing that they won’t take ownership or use anyone’s photos after the change of name.

What users need to realize is that Facebook hardly cares about your photos. Its more concerned about the general data you feed it like you age, marital status, work, interests etc. which enables it to target you with posts and related stuff which it thinks may peak you interest.

Rumors like these have long circulated the web and should only be believed on their authenticity.

H/T: PoynterFullfact.

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