Facebook gaming surpassed YouTube gaming in the hourly view ratio, as proven by a report

In the current era of technology, one thing which is quite common is applications coming up with new features, and once they blow up, other platforms copying that similar but slightly different feature with more advancements on their own platform.

That is exactly what happened when Facebook came up with its gaming platform similar to YouTube gaming.

YouTube for the longest time has been a platform where gamers upload content where they are streaming while playing games live. This form of content is very famous among the teenage and early 20s YouTube users and all those who are a big fan of gaming.

Facebook picked up a similar idea when it realized how well YouTube gaming was doing and introduced its own gaming platform called 'Facebook gaming.'

While YouTube gaming has been present for a long time many will believe that it will have the upper hand when it comes to views and content because game streamers have already formed a massive community and following there. However, the new quarterly report (Q3) by Live Streaming Industry Reports states that Facebook might have excelled better than YouTube in this quarter of 2021.

According to the reports, Facebook managed to reach 1.29 billion hours of content between the month of August and September. This accounted as an overall 9.2 percent increase from its statistics recorded in the previous quarter.

In comparison to Facebook, YouTube recorded 1.19 billion watch hours which was a decrease from its 1.294 hours recorded in the previous quarter. This might be hard for Google to accept because it just invested a hefty sum in YouTube by acquiring talents like DrLupo and TimTheTatman, however it is a possibility that it may also do better in the next quarterly report. While it has seen decline in a lot of categories, StreamLabs team believes YouTube is still doing well and is on the right path and hence the future may be bright for them irrespective of the current downhills.

Facebook has managed to climb up the charts because of its introduction of new features like co streaming and many other really cool new features.

Twitch on the other hand is another streaming platform which has numbers higher than both YouTube and Facebook. However, in the recent times it also has seen some decline in its charts.

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