WSJ claims when it comes to harmful content removal Facebook's AI tech is not as efficient as the social network may make it seems

Facebook has been in the hot waters with The Wall Street Journal for some time now. Occasionally, the Wall Street Journal comes up with a report which shows how Facebook is not operating the way it should, which is undesirable to the system and has proven to be threatening to teenagers, especially young girls on the platform. Facebook labeled the WSJ's report as 'Mischaracterization' and has spotted a number of issues in it.

However, this Sunday, the Wall Street Journal came up with another report which indicated that Facebook's AI technology might just another fuss.

Facebook has been using its automated technology to remove hate speech and violence posts, however while it may have claimed to remove numerous posts, Wall Street Journal believes it may not be true.

Why so?

Well, WSJ received reports from Facebook senior engineers who disclosed that Facebook AI system only removed 2 percent of the post on hate speech which violated its rules. Other engineers which were interviewed revealed the removal ratio around the same percentage and said Facebook has removed around 3 to 5 percent of hate speech related posts.

On the other hand, Facebook claims that a majority of its hate and violating content has been removed from its platform. The tech giant also claims that the issue Wall Street has raised might contain information which isn't current and Facebook since last year has removed a great deal of harmful content from its platform.

While, Facebook does show statistics and percentages every year to support its content removals and automated technology workings, many groups believe that these numbers are pretty skeptical and not accurate at all.

Why is that? Well, for starters Facebook has never showed their surveyed results on the basis of which they make a statistics ratio or any information that on what basis they have concluded the specific results. Hence, whenever any third party concludes the same results, the numbers are always different and in most cases very much different than what Facebook presented.

On this, Facebook's head of integrity, Rosen stated that while people believe that the statistics number may be different, what people need to note is that Facebook has relatively managed to reduce the hate speech and violating posts from their platform by a large margin than before. While both parties may believe that they are right, the case has been put up in the file and will soon be reviewed by lawmakers and the courts.

Despite all this, Facebook remains to stand as one of the leading social media applications currently present on the globe, with a large number of users on board.

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