Facebook Is Recruiting Over Ten Thousand Employees From The EU To Help Design Its New Metaverse

Facebook has made its plans of hiring over 10,000 new employees within the EU region, with the intention of building a digital tech known as the "metaverse".

Facebook's not the first company to approach the idea of a metaverse. It is, however, sort of an outlier within its peers for doing so. A metaverse refers to any 3D online space which can be used by individuals to interact with each other, typically for the purpose of business related interaction. However, any theme and topic is fair game, really. Speaking of game, some of the first applications to approach the concept of a metaverse include the massively popular video games Minecraft and Roblox. Which makes sense, they're already 3D world where people can interact. Facebook's got a lot of catching up to do if it wants to build up an effective metaverse as soon as possible.

Naturally, any such undertaking requires an effective amount of manpower, especially when the platform at hand isn't inherently gaming-related. 3D assets and rigs need to be built up from the ground, entire structures of code need to be written. Overall, this is work that takes a lot of time. While it's impressive that Facebook is looking to further enhance the capabilities of the social network, taking everything to the 3D space and adding an extra dimension of interaction, this is the sort of work that should either be done well or not at all. Accordingly, Facebook's taking it's time. The company's recruiting approximately 10,000 individuals from the European Union over a span of 5 years.

Out of the gate, it seems obvious to this writer that publicizing the EU recruitment scheme is very much a two-pronged stunt. While it's a great way to highlight just how much work is going into the metaverse, it also helps give Facebook fodder to smooth things over. The EU hasn't necessarily had the best of relations with the social network, with key issues being related to privacy and ad policies that the Union isn't a big fan of. However, the EU also comprises a large part of Facebook's overall community population, and can therefore not be ignored. With recruiting 10,000 people from the Union, Facebook provides job opportunities, gets people from there in comfortable positions, and hopefully appeases everyone while also getting the job done.

Right now, the metaverse doesn't have a concrete date attached to it. However, there's definitely some time left, all things considered. If recruitment's taking 5 years, we've got a ways to go.

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