Apple's Strict Privacy Measures Helped The Tech Giant To Improve Its Search Ads Market Share

Apple's Tracking and Transparency features may have caused a lot of grief for advertisers on different platforms, but the company's own Search Ads are doing better than ever.

Within the current marketplace of targeted advertisements from third party companies, tech giant Apple has attempted to carve out it's own niche. With the App Store being the major (and for the most part only) accessible port via which Apple users get in new applications, the platform can prove to be a very lucrative area for advertising purposes. For marketers looking to advertise their new applications, the Store offers its Search Ads listings. By adding in certain details such as a budget and a target audience, much like what the Boost button on Facebook posts ask of their users, advertisers can easily build entire advertising campaigns to take place across the platform. Search Ads are a very popular form of advertising across Apple products, and it seems like they've only gotten more popular.

A big highlight of 2020 was noting the implementation of perhaps one of Apple's most lauded privacy feature ever: the Tracking/Transparency system. By establishing a strict set of guidelines for advertisers, and enforcing them via vigilant measures, users no longer have to rely on third party company taking personal data in the name of targeted advertising. Users have to manually and very clearly consent to any form of data that is asked of them, which is also arranged in a specific color grading system to highlight how dangerous the information can prove in the wrong hands. Therefore, users can't have their location data unwittingly used against their will.

It seems that advertisers definitely have had more to be mad about over time. Apple's Search Ads used to contribute towards 17% of all iPhone application downloads, all the way back in 2020. That number has very dramatically changed, with a new report by the Financial Times stating that the number is now closer to 58% of all downloads. This highly impressive jump means that Search Ads are more than just a soft investment, they're an important and front-and-center part of advertising on the App Store. Users with applications set up on the platform might want to start looking into a campaign when they can.

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