WhatsApp will provide a new and more secure way for chat backups

WhatsApp may not introduce new features very often, but whenever it does, it makes sure its users like it very much. This time again, the company has come up with a unique idea for storing chats in back up.

While the company already provided users an end to end encryption which backed up their chats within their phones. The end to end encryption meant that only users had the access to their conversation and no one at the WhatsApp Headquarters could get into the data. Now the company has launched a new way to back up chat.

While previously the only option to back up chats was within the user’s phone, WhatsApp is now offering users to store their back up conversations in their iCloud or Google accounts. What the company wants people to know is that the backed up conversation on either Google or iCloud accounts will also be end to end encrypted and hence only accessible to the users.

The reason for this new launch is because while the conversations were backed up in the phone from the old way, users could lose all their data if their phone got stolen or they lost it, because even WhatsApp could not access it back if not backed up. Hence, for such cases, the company has launched this feature that in case any phone gets lost or stolen, the conversations still remain with the users.

However, while WhatsApp has announced this new feature, it is yet not known when it will be making an appearance, considering the company hasn’t given any specific date or time frame for release. What the company has said though is that the feature will be making an appearance ‘slowly’ on both iOS and Android devices.

By slowly we mean that the feature will make its way region to region slowly and gradually. This is because WhatsApp wants to test it first with a smaller audience before launching it to greater audiences.

The feature seems really cool and gives the 2 billion WhatsApp users a way to protect their conversations even if they lose their phones. This shows how conscious and careful WhatsApp is about their user’s data.

However, what Facebook owned WhatsApp wants the world to know is that is they lose their password for iCloud or Google account, their data will be lost forever, because the end to end encryption does not provide any email service to access the data regardless of the circumstances.

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