Twitter's data shows Generation Z tweets more content as compared to other generations

If you go and ask any observant person about what they feel GenZ is like? They would probably use the word straight forward and unfiltered in whatever they say. It's just something with this new generation that makes them very unfiltered while speaking of different problems thus making their opinions and voice very clear in front of the world. While some may deny this, but it just got proved by data released from the famed social media platform Twitter.

Twitter marketers just recently released a blog regarding this topic. In the blog Twitter explained that generation Z spends the most time on social sites, but as compared to other age groups their voice on Twitter is clear, unfiltered and very authentic. This data further proved the fact that Gen Z, however small, is much aware about its surroundings and is more vocal and active than other generations.

Most of the population between the age group of 16 to 24 is seen to be most active on Twitter. Engagement between the tweets as well as number of tweets sent is close to half the tweets sent to the US thus indicating the large percentage of Gen Z we have on Twitter. With Gen Z already proven to be the most vocal and with a social presence so strong, this generation surely has the power to turn things around just by using the power of social media.

The blog post by Twitter also mentions the topics Gen Z is most interested in, the topics includes things such as food, movies, shows and gaming.

New research shows that Gen Z spends most of their time on social media discussing news about different products. Individuals belonging to Gen Z mostly create Twitter accounts to have a voice and place their opinions publicly.

Amongst different groups generation gen Z is seen to be the most active, in one particular campaign it was viewed that generation Z remained on top in the matter of social interaction.

With Gen Z having such a large power and voice on Twitter, it's time that brands and companies consider communicating with Gen Z on Twitter. With Twitter itself proving the influence this generation possess, being favored in the eyes of Gen Z can surely be a gold mine for brands.

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