Microsoft LinkedIn to sunset its professional network in China, however, it will provide an alternative job seeking platform

LinkedIn is definitely the number 1 job seeking and employee recruiting site in the world with its website being available to a number of different countries in the world. While LinkedIn has had a smooth sail in most parts of the world, the situations in China with the website seem very off.

When LinkedIn launched in China in 2014, its main goal was to tap into the huge market the country had, however, with its launch in China, the Chinese government started to dictate them on how to operate along with being transparent about what they do. While things were great initially a certain drawback is now forcing LinkedIn to remove its services from the country.

The job seeking site had banned the accounts of many journalists within China, and was later called out by one of the journalist named Mr. Bruno, on this banning problem.

Mr. Bruno had written a book on China’s Treatment of Tibetan refugee’s and while he stated that he understands that why Chinese Communist Party are hyped up about it, he doesn’t understand the US interference for a network operating within their region.

However, we still are not sure if LinkedIn was forced by US, or it was China itself that made them ban some journalist. LinkedIn was being controlled by China and the Chinese government recently had a growing hold on the internet so there is a possibility that it might be China who ordered this ban or it might be US too, because LinkedIn was facing criticism for the states because of them caving into the Chinese rule and they must have had banned it to show their control.

However, while LinkedIn is taking off its main platform from the Chinese region, they are not completely removing their roots. The company after removing LinkedIn will launch another network called ‘InJobs’, which will only cater job opportunities and not provide an area for social or article posting as LinkedIn did.

When this new website will be launched is unknown as of yet, however, it is great to see that LinkedIn though is making sure to remove itself from the situation, they still are providing the employees in China another great way to look for better job opportunities within their region.

Let’s see how well this new website will do once launched and when the main LinkedIn website and application will be bidding goodbye in China officially.

Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images

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