WhatsApp Is Adding A Collections Feature, Allowing Business Owners To Organize Products On Their Catalogs

WhatsApp is improving e-commerce and shopping capability on the platform by adding in a new Collections feature to help users sort items by.

Is e-commerce an incredibly large market, with it's hold over social media almost uncomfortably palpable? This author would like to say yes. Is the fact that a chat based platform such as WhatsApp not best suited for the likes of commercial venues? Arguable, but I'd still like to say yes. Will any of this discussion stop Facebook from finding an e-commerce angle like the CEO's life depends on it? Absolutely not, so any such discussion is a moot point. While it is admittedly annoying to find yet another aspect of online life so deeply entrenched in the capitalistic wake of "hustle culture" and business opportunities, there's no reason to point fingers. The only reason platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are even at the place they are today is because monetization helps pay for the very features and tweaks that help maintain relevancy.

WhatsApp is a platform that, despite my disdain, is a very solid opportunity ground for e-commerce and business pursuits. Many exchanges, both formal and informal, take placed over WhatsApp. A great deal of the population uses the platform, and the ability to make an all-in-one site where a users can both connect with family while also placing orders for food and engaging in formal discussions with their bosses is impressive. Facebook's taken massive advantage of this, setting up a Catalogs feature, and even virtual carts which users can use to shop. Businesses can keep updating their catalogs to showcase new products up for sale, and everyone's happy.

This new feature of ours, labelled Collections, is going to act as an extension of Catalogs, improving the overall UX of shopping on WhatsApp. Essentially, Collections will allow businesses to set up their catalogs and arrange them by categories, allowing users to have an easier time of finding them. Arrangements can be made according to the wishes of the business owner, with collections being divided by available products, price ranges, gender specific products, and so on and so forth. Really, it's up to the business owner to decide how creative they want to get with it all.

Either way, WhatsApp is making it easier for small businesses to set up shop online. No one needs to pay for expensive websites or fancy web designers. Now, they can establish a valuable online presence with the most accessible chat based social media site out there.

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