Twitter Is Adding An Account Delegation Feature, And Has Also Updated Its Safety Mode’s Introduction Screen

Twitter is reportedly working on an Account Delegation feature. In other news, the platform’s also introducing a new introduction screen for Safety Mode.

Both of these features have been revealed via screenshots from social media researcher Jane Manchun Wong. Wong uploaded the screenshots to her Twitter profile, and we’ve got our work cut out to sit down and discuss them. Let’s start with the first item on our list, which is the introduction of an Account Delegation feature. The screenshot revealed no further details, and only consisted of a new tab under the Account Info menu with AD written across. Therefore, full disclosure, any and all shots at guessing what the feature is meant to be and do for users and the community at large are entirely educated guesses. Regardless, with some evidence here and there, a sort of picture can be formed.

Twitter is a platform that is rife with discussion of all sorts. This has come to the point that users nowadays prefer to segregate the type of conversation they’re engaging in, and the people that are being engaged with. An easy method of doing so? Multiple accounts! With each account following separate people, participating in discourse over different matters, and having different feeds, users can easily draw up a pseudonym and engage with the platform on their own terms, without having to worry about the social ramifications. Account Delegation, accordingly, could be a feature that allows for some form of communication between an individual’s multiple accounts. Similar features exist under the likes of Gmail, with nomenclature being the same as well. Account Delegation could allow users to share tweets across accounts, easily switch between them, or even allow users to operate different identities with the same account. There’s honestly a bunch of potential here that can be put to good use.

The second update on our list has to do with Twitter’s Safety Mode. Safety Mode is the platform’s attempt at ensuring that users manage to have a safe, non-triggering experience while surfing. The fact of the matter is that Twitter can often end up being a toxic, hateful space, and while saying that users who don’t like it can go elsewhere is easy, it does nothing to fix the problems at hand. Not to mention that the platform would lose users, which isn’t the ideal solution. The new introduction screen comes along with a graphic, depicting an orange safety cone. Below it are the number of accounts flagged for spamming or other unscrupulous behavior. Finally, a message that offers users to learn more about Safety Mode and turning it on is displayed to cap the whole thing off.

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