Twitter Opens Up Applications For Professional Profiles, Adds New Promote Button, & Now Saves Choices For Replying Users

Twitter is opening up applications to businesses for its Professional Profiles model. The platform is also working on saving choices for users that can reply to your tweets, and adding a Promote button to the mix.

A new feature has been introduced by Twitter, which can be filled out by accounts looking to join the Professionals Profiles. The process is rather straightforward: users can sign up as either individual creators, or businesses big and small. Upon having identified as one of these two groups, the account at hand will have to identify what field they choose to operate in (options include a wide array of inclusive headings such as healthcare, agriculture, marketing, and so forth). And that's it! Accounts will have their business information clearly displayed on their Twitter account. There's more as well, since such accounts can also feature a Shop or Newsletter module for other users to engage with, provided those things exist in the first place of course.

As much of our current business models move towards the online space, it's important that social media brands adapt and change as well. After all, long gone are the days when social media was just a simple way of engaging with one's friends and loved ones. Now, such platforms house intricate small businesses, influencers, marketing campaigns, politicians, and all sorts of other complicated things both good and bad. Twitter's decision to dedicate itself to professional profiles speaks volumes about just how much the platform is used as a voice for businesses and content creators.

Picking up from there, Twitter's also adding a Promote button underneath the tweets of users, as reported by Alessandro Paluzzi. Netizens may already be familiar with such a feature masquerading under the name of Boost Post on Facebook. Almost every social media platform has some variation or other of this. The goal of the Promote button is to make sure that your tweet reaches a wider audience, according to your specifications, in exchange for a sum of money that varies with the number of people being promoted to. It's essentially the social media equivalent of advertising, with your tweets acting as the main advertising vehicle in this case.

Finally, a feature that's still being beta tested is the ability to save users that are allowed to reply to your tweets. This feature is slightly comparable to Instagram's close friends option for Stories, where only a previously saved group of your friends can see certain stories. In this case, when a user wishes to limit the amount of replies they get on a tweet, or simply conduct some crowd control, they can very easily select users that can reply based on previously saved data. It's just a matter of making the process more efficient.

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