Twitter invests in Facemoji considering that the future of avatars has a lot of potential

While a lot of efforts and changes have been brought into the tech and social world in the past decade, the introduction of avatars on many applications has been an epic deal. Many online platforms now allow users to create their own avatars which are actual representations of them but through a mimicked emoji form.

Snapchat launched its own Bitmoji avatars, Facebook wants to initiate a metaverse universe where people can socialize in a 3D space with their emoji’s and can travel around, shop within that space with their friends and Roblox has been its own big deal recently.

In between all these is an application called Facemoji is all set to launch and grow. Facemoji will help developers create avatars for their application and launch it using the help of Facemoji too. However, any great initiative or application in order to be launched needs a good funding and while not many agreed to fund Facemoji, Play ventures, Roosh, Twitter and some individual angel investors were kind enough to fund in the cause which now has managed to raise the Facemojis to 3 million dollars, reports TC.

Facemoji has updated the world that they will give application developers a chance to allow their users create their own avatars using the already given features within Facemoji or that if people feel creative, they can step out of the box and do some of their own magic too.

However, while this is a great idea, according to Facemoji developers want a quick way to develop or create avatars but do not want to completely associate themselves to third party applications. However, in the past year, applications that are similar to Facemoji has been acquire rapidly. This is because of the increasing competition of avatars and features within the market.

Facemoji has a lot of plans for the future. It is particularly interested in metaverse and NFT Craze. The company has also been working towards a plug and play feature which will allow users to buy new items for their avatars if the respective develop allows. However, things still look big for Facemoji.

Twitter gives a lot of thought before acquiring a company and considering it has managed to acquire and invest in Facemoji, they may have a lot of plans for it as well. Twitter has also revealed some initiatives elated to NFT that it plans on launching and from the looks of it, this is going to be a big deal. There are expectations that users will now be able to create avatars on twitter and place their profile pictures related to it as well.

Facemoji thinks the future of avatars is very bright. While now only gaming and social apps can put use of emoji avatars, but Facemoji believes that in future, people can attend zoom meetings using their avatars as well and other form of stuff can be used along with avatars.

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