To Access Chronological feed on latest Tweets is not a Difficult thing on Twitter now

Twitter in recent times has been working on a new update which will make it effortless for Twitter users over the globe to obtain a back-pedal chronological timeline of tweets through profiles which the users follow. This new update will surely add to the excellent usability that Twitter offers.

Twitter users have longed for this update for a long time now and with Twitter finally working on it, users are more excited than ever.

You think this is it right? But Twitter isn’t stopping here. The social giant is also working on making it even simpler for tweeters to see the latest tweets on top.

Twitter would do so through an inclusion of Swipe-able timeline option, in simpler words we can say that the only thing which Twitter now requires to show the users latest tweets is just a left swipe.

However, it isn’t anything new according to the highlighted part of this demonstration people with Twitter accounts are already been taping the Shining Star icon placed right at the top of the feed since 2018 to view recent posted tweets, which Twitter placed following a huge amount of consternation on this settlement of applying feed algorithm two years before.

This shift in Twitter's default algorithm surely looks like a big change, however this feed has been viewed to be very successful. Growth in tweet interaction has been noticed since the app launched this option officially, it represents pupil’s tweets established on overall engagements, also with this personal interaction on the app are also included.

Most active Twitter users believe the algorithm defined feed is completely opposite to the actual reality around which the app revolves around, high pointing the recent news and improvements in pattern.

CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey has also given a veiled critique in this matter. Twitter would soon introduce users to simpler technique in accessing recent tweets.

Twitter has also given the recent dispute around Facebook also the latest news in what ways the feed algorithm works.

The consequences of this were that most users called out for the removal of Twitters algorithm, seeing this Twitter has also given the active option of shifting back to the latest feed which was present there since previous three years, reason of returning back to the algorithm and following this the disappearance of latest as default did annoy most Twitter users out there.

In senate committee Frances Haugen Facebooks whistleblower said that according to her point of view she finds Facebooks newsfeed algorithm unsafe also app interaction would be more beneficial if it would be completely removed.

Here comes what Twitter stated, according to Twitter it will be allowing users to be able to see stuff of their own choice along with simpler techniques to cut out its algorithm.

However, it will become easier choice of managing your in-apps experience with list based, that is going to help the people speak about their individual tweet inputs.

It’s considered to be Twitters style of embracing algorithmic act and with this also considering account users managing their timeline fair.

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