Twitter is rolling out its adaptive Dark Mode for Android users

Dark mode has taken everyone by the storm since its introduction to the technological landscape quite some time ago. With its dreary and gloomy antics and the white texts that radiate mysteriousness, using and displaying content in the dark mode has been all but trouble for the users across the decade. With every major company legible to extend the feature with the proposed demographics and developments, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and even Google Chrome and Gmail have added the dark mode feature on request of the community. The hype and demand have increased to such an extent that mobile phone devices now a days with the new Android and iOS updates have built in features to extend the dark mode to the entire phone.

Building on that very feature, Twitter recently took to its platform to write about their newest updates that allow the user to extend the dark mode settings of their mobile phone directly towards the application without any intermediary settings.

Twitter took to release this news on their very application through the official Twitter account mentioning that there was finally a sigh of relief for the people that associated themselves as dark mode lovers. The news was termed with the new update as the auto dark mode. With the caption also including the details of the new update and the ways to access it for any user across the board.

As part of the auto dark mode, the user can set further settings to the dark feature by tapping on the bulb icon that shows up on the account screen. The bulb that previously showed just the dim mode and lights out options now will accommodate more under the heading of allowing the dark mode to be switched on and off alongside a setting for users to check on in order to allow the system’s own settings to be logged on towards Twitter itself.

This update, even though seems quite insignificant, adds a lot to the good will of the company as it is something that the community has been asking for over a long period of time allowing the people and the society to recognize the value that Twitter places on hearing its community. This action can add up to the already stemming Twitter case increase as the 6 hours long shut down of Google and its subsidiaries shifted a lot of attention to Twitter and others not associated with Facebook.

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