Analyst asserts, Apple needs not rush to look for its next big products

A recent blog post talks over the analyst's concerns regarding the coming days and conditions of AAPL.

And one among them has penned a terrific complement response to the statement, affirming that it is integral for the company to promptly reveal the next launch of the big item.

He notes that no matter whatever hurdles and rushes the company’s outlook have gone through, they remarkably kept moving in their anticipated direction and stayed punctual to their promises and commitments. Perhaps that is the incentive for the customer's loyal and enthusiastic response to their launches.

While contrasting Apple and Microsoft in 1990, Evans argues each year the company precisely launches fresh hardware and software, this could not have been regulated by Microsoft itself in the past.

He acknowledged that it is quite tough to manage to launch a brand new smartphone each year right on time and then deliver them around the globe in thousands and millions of numbers, with 40% of cumulative margin. The whole world waits eagerly for the launch of its new device.

While commenting on the past. collaboration of Apple with PCs, Evans said in past, only PCs used to be the technological and advanced devices but currently, PCs are associated with cell phones and function as a supplement part of new features of smartphones.

iPads and tablets have replaced PCs, with their advanced elements and handiness.

The smartphone has become the hub of digital vitalities.

Further analyzing the issues and complications that can be confronted in certain, he professes the antitrust issue, which will strike the service revenue.

Besides, Evans contends that there are multiple considerations regarding the time, the company will acquire to introduce the new massive creation. And everybody knows it will happen whether sooner or later.

He asserted that the company will continue and proceed to manufacture the particular sort of items for the targeted consumers. And this is the primary agenda and essence of the company from the beginning.

Presently, the company does a business of 1.5 million iPhones each proceeding day.

There is no necessity to question the company regarding their coming product. And there are living justifications that compelled one to acknowledge that they will soon come up with something fresh and incredible. Meanwhile, it maintains and continues delivering its products and services to its customers.

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