Buckle Up prediction lovers, you can now take part in interesting betting competitions on Reddit

One very vivid memory almost all people have of their childhood is placing bets with peers for things such as snacks or soft drinks, it was fun right? Well if your answer is yes, then we are excited to announce that now you can do the same on Reddit, well this time not with snacks but with Tokens that Reddit would give to all of its users, thus making the platform a lot more fun.

Famed social media application 'Reddit' just recently announced its brand new feature named 'Predictions'. This feature as the name suggests is designed for users to make predictions on the platform. Users make predictions using polls, making polls a lot more fun.

Users with the Predictions feature will be able to vote for the prediction they think is correct. Well, here is the fun part, users will make predictions using a limited amount of tokens that Reddit gives them, if a person loses, they lose the tokens they betted on, while they get more tokens if they win.

Who would create these 'predictions polls'? You might ask, well Reddit community moderators and approved users will be allowed to create various Prediction tournaments in which the members of the community can bet on different outcomes.

Reddit being an app that is avidly used for discussion of events, shows and tournaments thus making it the perfect platform for a feature like Predictions.

With Reddit being a platform that consists of communities based on almost every interest out there, the betting on the platform would be crazy! Communities based on sports might bet on a tournament finale, whereas a community based on science might bet on the winner of the Noble Awards.

Users right after joining a betting tournament, will be given a total of 1000 tokens. The tournament will consist of as many questions as the mods add or keep adding and users will earn or lose more tokens with each correct or wrong prediction they make.

Who would have thought that we'd have sports enthusiasts and science geeks betting on the same place, well Reddit have now made it possible? The feature is available now for all communities comprising more than 10 thousand members.

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