The Price For Classics is Way Too Expensive Nowadays (infographic)

There are several classics of the world and in the electronic world, these vintage artifacts have a different value. However, what is more inquisitive is the relation of what these vintages’ valued when they were first released to the monetary value they have now. The comparison of their value then and now is a cumbersome task as the value of money changes. For example, you could get a house back in the 1840s for a few dollars, however, now a decent house requires hundred of thousands if not millions of dollars.

With keeping in mind the value of money at the initial release date and the value of money in the current time, HP released an infographic timeline that indicates the gigantic difference in the prices and how if a person was to buy these antiques now, would definitely consider them way too over blown. The graphic includes the most influential pieces of technology and their current day prices.

The first item on the graphic was the Kodak Brownie Camera from 1900. It cost a whopping one dollar then, in today’s value it is just a $35 item. However, the other items on the graphic do not follow this trend. The price difference is huge and the second item being the Victorla Phonograph from 1906 cost an astonishing $15 then, it now costs an even more astonishing $451 and that too, without any discs to play. Similarly, the first of the televisions as the Durmont Model 180 from

1938, cost around $395 then, in today’s money, that would equate to around $7500.

The trend continues as the Apple II that was released with the starting price of $1298 in 1977, would now cost more than $5000, close to the starting price of the most recent MacBook Pro. The difference between the two and their working is humongous, while the difference in price seems insignificant. However, the trend has started to die down further in the graphic as the difference between the current value of money, and the value of money originally are almost similar.

This is signified by all products since 2000, and there is substantial evidence to back up the claim. As the graphic shows that there was less than a $100 difference between the two prices, the claim is backed up by the Xbox, Blackberry, and even the iPhone.

However, the difference in the money value can be ascertained by the inflation rate and the differences due to the change in money value. Over the years, the value of money increases, and as many years pass by, the value of money increases more.
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