Human vs AI made solutions to deal with modern business problems

Jack Ma and Elon Musk were recently asked that whether technology is more smarter than the people, both these figures had different answers. While Jack Ma went with humans to be more smarter, Elon Musk believed in technology. But the real question is that who is more creative or able to analyze a situation in a better way to find a solution.

In order to find out the answer, a survey was conducted by SkyNova, with 1000 participants based on a prediction project of GPT-3 language. These participants were asked to go through some common issues and were observed for how they will invest a million dollars hypothetically.

Later the responds were analyzed. While investing dollars hypothetically, these respondents were not able to see that whether the available ideas for a problem were made through an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system or by humans.

AI developed an invention that can enhance the video calls efficiency, this idea received the most investment. No other human invention was near to the investment made in this AI based idea. However, generally the human made ideas dominated Artificial Intelligence as shown by the average investment of $86,167 in comparison to $80,716 invested in AI based inventions.

Furthermore, a solution was required to solve the distraction issues due to pets. This issue was well handled by the humans, where they proposed to build a robot that can replace their owner as a playing partner while they finish off their work. This idea received more investment as compared to the AI’s notification system, that will notify the owner every time the pet will cross its zone. The drawback of the AI's solution is that it is not much of a solution because this additional notification system will create more distractions whereas the robot will keep the pet busy in various activities without distracting the owner.

Company Meeting is one of the important factor while analyzing employee’s efficiency. The problem to be fixed was that these meetings would end up disrupting the workflow and sometimes may not be able to cover much of the ground and as a result the employee’s working time will suffer.

The solution presented by the AI was more practical than the human made invention. AI suggested advanced and more efficient video calling features which can help the participants by allowing them to use whiteboards, documents or simply just share their screen. Whereas humans wanted to move past the concept of productive meetings. Instead, they proposed an Avatar that can join on their behalf and would let the real user to finish off their work.

Taking a time off from continuous screen exposure is also a part the daily life. The solution presented by humans included a chair that will keep a check on the user for how long it has been occupied. If the time exceeds the normal limit, the user will be notified to take a break by reminding them the consequences of long screen time exposure. Whereas Artificial Intelligence didn’t do much work on this and offered a pre existing feature in which the screen will keep a record of the time , and will send a small notification, this will be done with no self care motivation.

To check that whether the AI or humans were able to crack modern business problems, both humans and AI were placed in a condition where they had to find solutions. The survey results were a proof that modern problems are not dependent on AI to find a solution, humans were also able to find logical answers for business problems. However, AI proved itself to be a worthy tool while looking out for solutions .
Featured Photo: DrAfter123 / Getty Images
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