Apple brings back the ‘Report a Problem’ link in iOS 15 which it removed years ago

Apple is the leading mobile phone company in the market. It not only brings out the best iPhone ranges year after year, the company also provides great updates to the older versions. This time as well, Apple launched its newest update iOS 15, which has made its way to a lot of users.

However, with iOS 15 came a feature which people were shocked to see. Apple used to have a ‘Report a Problem’ feature on the App Store for all applications in its older updates. However, with time and newer updates, the feature was cancelled out.

Now, it seems like that the company realized its importance back again and decided to reintroduce it to all its latest updates. The reason for reintroduction could be the heightening scams and frauds that are taking place all throughout App and Play Store within applications.

The ‘Report a Problem’ feature, however, is slightly different from what is used to be. Previously users could only report applications which they had paid for, but now the companies allow users to report any application they want with only the consideration that the application they are reporting is installed within their device.

Any application which has not been installed will not be accessible to report a problem or scam.

There is a scam or fraud option as well, so looks like Apple is very serious about the return of this option.

However, if you have updated to the iOS 15, but cannot view this feature, it might be because it still hast made its way within your region.
The feature was only observed within specific countries and mainly US and Australia. Secondly, the links for report are only available for a specific number of applications which means it has not been launched yet fully and may take some time to take a permanent place in all applications, all around the globe.

However, the draw backs come for users that want to report paid applications. The fact that the apps have to be installed to be reported means that is users want to report an on-off purchase application they will have to pay for it to install before they can make a report. However, it is a good thing most scam applications are for free installs.

The bring back of this feature is a great idea, Scamming has greatly increased online and people have been a target of it. Apple has shown quite a bit of consideration to its users bringing this feature back.

H/T: Kosta Eleftheriou

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