The manufacturing cost for iPhone 13 is higher as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S21+, and iPhone 12 Pro which was launched in 2020

The blog post published on Monday, October 4, 2021, performed a comparison among the varied smartphones reveals that the iPhone 13 pro values more than the manufacturing cost of Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, iPhone 12 Pro which was launched in 2020.

The estimations have been graphically demonstrated in the post.

Despite Apple's claim of acquiring slight alterations in the design of the iPhone 13 pro but still, there are multiple discrepancies inside the structure that one can locate.

It can be one of the reasons that Apple’s 6.1-inch flagship prices more as pertained to the galaxy S21+ and iPhone 12 pro.

Another probable justification that can be given for this could be because the parts that are being utilized are costly due to the current chip scarcity.

Whereas, the article did not evaluate that how much the cost rises because of the lasting absence of the chip.

A detailed inspection from Tech Insights discloses that the material build expense of the iPhone 13 pro is approximately five hundred and seventy dollars whereas, the iPhone 12 pro, amounts for five hundred forty-eight dollars and fifty cents to manufacture. However, the least costly Galaxy S21 plus is approximately five hundred and eight dollars.

Despite this noted rise in costs to Apple, it has maintained the exact nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars rate for the core sample which is also giving a 1TB storage adaptation.

The blog post proclaims to anticipate that the company had to do some cost-cutting to enable it to sell the iPhone 13 pro at the amount of nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars.

The elevation of the aggregate cost is because of the great evaluated value of the A15 processor, NAND memory, the display system value, and an accumulation in the primary enclosure price, which has also affected the total Non-electronic rate.

The report asserts to detect an abundance of design triumphs from the expected suspects which include KIOXIA, STMicroelectronics, Broadcom, Qorvo and USI.

However, possessing a greater device build cost value, the iPhone 13 pro amounts the equivalent as the iPhone 12 pro according to the last year's rate.

The report further addresses that they will ensure their suspects that the company has similarly undertaken GPU cores as 2020 whenever they will conduct the lab results for verification.

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