Go Carbon-free, an imperative modern recruitment strategy big tech firms should adopt, believes Google CEO

A new recruitment strategy, carbon, and pollution-free working have been disclosed by the chief executive officer to Google Sundar Pichai.

He stated the tech firms' enterprising goal to exclude carbon and transform to a hundred percent waste-free, natural energy sources is more about a pollution-free environment, a new aspect of recruitment strategy.

In a Q&A session with Bloomberg Green, he expresses his viewpoint regarding the upcoming employees trends.

He told when he notices the younger generation, presently, the teenagers, he can't see them choosing to work for a corporation which they believe is spoiling and polluting the climate.

He hopes that we were a decade earlier, where we are now at the moment.

He acknowledges that he is anxious and very afraid that we’re losing time.

Google reflects its new bay view campus as the perfect manifestation of its initiative to operate its firm entirely free of carbon.

They intend to open in January for a particular number of employees because of the pandemic situation.

In September 2020, in a blog post, Pichai highlighted Google’s strategy to operate every campus and data center on electricity from carbon and pollution-free sources. And asserted 2030 as the deadline, captioning conceivably the most devoted corporate commitment to decolonization.

But he acknowledges, It's a little stressful because they are not entirely aware of all the ways to get there.

However, an interesting revelation says,

The company's data centers count for most of its electricity consumption that is fifteen point one million megawatt-hours for the last year. Google fulfilled sixty-seven percent of its data center's electricity requirements with renewable sources on an hourly ground. And data centers like Oklahoma and Oregon functions on approximately ninety percent of decent sources.

Huge Tech's battle for recruiting talent proceeds to expand as now employees deem to pursue the policy of remote work and remote compensation.

The blog post reveals that the company has approved eighty-five percent of approximately ten thousand requisitions, they received regarding working remotely, and relocation during the last six to eight months.

Interestingly a disclosure is made that the number of students pursuing environmental-related degrees and careers is increasing and intensifying.

A revelation made by Pew research center, gen z, millennials stand out for climate change. In April, 37% of Gen Zers inscribed climate change as a primary concern.

However, ⅓ of millennials asserted the exact, 29% of boomers named it a leading concern, and only 36% declared it as insignificant.

Apart from Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon, namely all the tech giants have announced openly their policies to become carbon-neutral, and are now progressing, anticipating strategies for carbon-free functioning.

Sundar Pichai calls it a little stressful because he says, we don’t have all the ways to get there.

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