Snap, While Being Affected By Apple's Privacy Features, Is Still Growing Steadily With 306 Million Daily Active Users

Even as Apple's Tracking and Transparency features affect many social media business models, Snapchat continues to grown with 306 million daily active users.

Snapchat's success is even more interesting, considering how supportive it was, and still is, of Apple's security features. A certain social network, despite constantly bragging about how it's the largest behemoth of all social media, has tried to thwart and discredit Tracking/Transparency at every available turn. To give a quick refresher, Tracking/Transparency were introduced with iOS 14 back in 2020. They made is so that users would no longer have to share any and all sort of information and data with third party applications unless permission was strictly granted. Therefore advertisers that rely heavily on location data and browser history for targeted ads ended up being crippled. Facebook, and many other social media apps, make money from those ads and therefore saw a revenue stream being severely affected.

Snap has been upfront and honest about the fact that they have been affected as well. However, CEO Evan Spiegel still stands by his earlier comments about the iOS 14 features being very necessary and important. The fact of the matter is that social media apps such as Facebook have so actively propagated generating revenue from third party advertisers in exchange for user data that almost every other following application is forced to become an accessory to such action as well. If it doesn't, then Devs don't earn any money. Apple's features, though severely affecting revenue streams, is a necessary step if a user's online image and privacy is to be restored. The foot must be put down.

At any rate, despite Snap being unable to account and plan ahead for all of the changes brought on by Tracking/Transparency, the company's still doing rather well for itself. Other than the daily 306 million active users, numbers that easily put Snapchat in the big leagues with Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, Q3 2021 saw a total influx of 13 million new users. That's a decent amount of people to join, even in the span of three months, and clearly shows that Snapchat is nowhere near losing it's relevancy. In fact, it's still managing to keep up the pace, and even improve upon itself.

Honestly, Snap deserves this. With it's heavy investment in AR technology, the new Spotlight interface, and an entire creator community program promising millions of dollars in the pot, there's a lot of work that's been done. Even if advertising revenue's decreased, Snap should be able to bounce back alright.

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