Finally, Twitter is letting all users to host a room on Spaces

When Clubhouse launched and gained massive success many social media giants launched their own versions of the audio chat rooms thus competing the new application. Twitter was also one that launched a feature named 'Spaces' to compete with Clubhouse.

Twitter introduced the 'Spaces' feature back in November 2020 in an attempt to replicate Clubhouse’s popularity with its own kind of voice-based chat rooms. However, Twitter users with 600 or more followers were able to host a room on Spaces.

Well, now almost a year later Twitter has now decided to make a major change in Spaces. Twitter now is actually allowing all of its members to host a room on Spaces, well users say that this a feature that should have been available much sooner but are now happy that it's here.

Both iOS and Android users will now be allowed to create their own spaces. Twitter is a little off track, since it claimed in April that everyone will be able to create a Space.

Twitter announced the change in a tweet, stating that both iOS and Android devices will be able to host Spaces. Also it includes a GIF that guides and teaches people on how to host rooms on Spaces.

For the first time Twitter released Spaces to set out eclipse Clubhouse success with its personal genre audio centric chat rooms. However, there was a limit to the hostile scheme that this would only be applicable to the Twitter accounts who own 600 or more than 600 followers. Luckily the policy now has changed, now less than 600 followers could also host the Space, which is great news for people but they also believe that this should be done before.
Over the course of year, Twitter has released a raft of additional capabilities for Spaces, including the option to add co-hosts and up to 10 guests. It established the Spark initiative, a fund for Spaces makers, and even launched Ticketed Spaces, or sound rooms that need payment to enter. All of this is despite providing all users with the most important feature of all: the opportunity to host their own rooms.

During July, Clubhouse was released from its invite only status, and phone devices have been able to experiment with the software since then. Twitter may have lost a significant window to get people interested in using the function by just relaxing limits on host’s rights now. Would Space Speed Clubhouse’s decline, or will it, like the stories like fleet, become an abandoned feature.

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