Google Is Helping Users To Learn A New Word Per Day With Its New Search Engine Vocabulary Feature

Google rolls out a new feature to the Search app, thought which users get to learn a new word everyday, aiming to improve their vocabulary.

The immediate gut reaction to such an update is a hint of being belittled or patronized, especially since the non-sentient program's decided that our collective understanding of a language simply is not up to standards. The other reaction is thinking that this passive aggressive way of pointing out deficiencies in one's language seems just a shade off of the Duolingo bird's aggressive emails reminding users that they are missing out on lessons. However, it ultimately does seem to just be a light-hearted attempt at helping the majority of the userbase out. Like it or not, English is a big part of the world's common tongue. Many people (and machines) use it in order to connect with individuals that don't speak the same language. Therefore, the Search bar throwing up a new word each day doesn't really seem like anything bad.

It should also be mentioned that the feature isn't mandatory, and must be signed up for, removing yet another shade of that patronizing tone. Google announced this new notification feature via a blog post, stating that users can sign up with the Google app on their phones to begin. To activate the feature, a user must first search up the definition of any English word. After the search results pop up, a bell icon will also be present in the upper right hand corner. Tap on the icon and voila! You will now be receiving daily notifications, aimed towards handing out new words and improving your overall vocabulary.

Currently, vocabulary is limited to the English language, but other languages are expected to pop up over time, allowing users to really take advantage of the feature. Google's also planning on introducing a difficulty tier system, via which users can select the difficulty of words that they're learning everyday. Currently, it's sort of a mixed bag of words that pop up in everyday conversation, and other harder words that won't be encountered. After all, how often does the word anachronistic pop up in daily life?

Google's introduced a few other features to the Search bar as well, presumably in a move to get more users to start incorporating its application into their daily life. Other than the already present ability to set alarms, reminders, mark dates, and so on, some interesting features have made their way in too. Google very recently introduced a tuner to the app, allowing users to tune their instruments such as guitars or violins by utilizing their phone's microphone.

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