Snap Is Starting A Spotlight Challenges Initiative, Inviting Content Creators To Participate For Monetary Gain

Snap is rolling out new methods of ensuring that content creators on Snapchat can monetize their activity.

The goal here is easy enough to comprehend. Content creators, influencers, and the like generate a lot of economy for any platform that they inhabit. They're a constant source of new community members, advertisers, brands, and free PR. Of course, that free PR is accompanied by an asterisk. Content creation is no doubt a fun way for many individuals to express themselves in creative endeavors. For others, it's just a way of blowing off steam and having some fun in whatever way they can. YouTubers didn't start out as producers and directors, they started out as kids and teenagers making content that they found fun. Ultimately, however, fun will always take a backseat to responsibility. And when real life drives by, creation becomes less and less frequent. Unless, of course, one can monetize this hobby of theirs.

The social media space has become a very saturated market, with the likes of TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram leading the charge. Snapchat's definitely a part of the same crew, but competition is getting tougher and tougher. If Snap wants to maintain both revenue and relevancy, content creators need incentive to keep the platform active. Therefore, the company's idea is to spend money to make money. Behold, The Spotlight Challenges Program.

Spotlight Snaps was a section of the platform that was dedicated to short form entertaining videos, much like TikTok (because that is the bandwagon that literally every other social media site is trying to jump on). Initially, when launched in 2020, Snapchat allegedly paid out over a million dollars per day to the top performing videos. This amount was later reduced since unoriginal and low-effort content started gaining more traction than the original videos themselves. Challenges is a fun spin on that. As the name implies, creators will be awarded monetary prizes for competing in specific categories. Best Trick Shot and Impressions are some of the category names floating around right now.

The winners and top ranked of these challenges will be awarded prizes ranging from USD $250 to $25,000. Snap has stated that certain outstanding videos may receive even more than the suggested upper limit. With this healthy range of money, a lot of creators can easily score here and there, depending on the amount of effort and time they're willing to dedicate to both the platform and their craft. Which is exactly what Snap is trying to stimulate within its community.

Photo: Lucy Nicholson / reuters

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