Snapchat Pushes Its Foot And Chances Into The Political Crevices

Ever since the demanding reign of Facebook and Instagram over social media, there has been little competition that they have faced. With YouTube reigning on the video and content creating platform and LinkedIn having the controlling stake in jobs, there has been no room for users to access and developers to push forward with a new up and coming service that is expected to take the world by storm. Snapchat made that change happen and joined the duo of Instagram and Facebook to make it the holy trio of social media websites. This not only served well for them but also provided a chance to up and coming social media applications with the motivation to take a chance at the top bench.

Apart from providing the chance for new apps, Snapchat recently was pushed forward as a resource for Civil change and development in the legal and political sector with many users taking it on as an imperative and resourceful creation for them. Snapchat recognizing the ability and responsibility that they have released a new Run For Office feature that gives the user the power to access specific resources for their long run to a position of change in the United States.

To show the support for Snapchat, a 17 year old aspiring senator, Trinity Sanders commented that the number of users on Snapchat and the new resource are sure to bring a change with not only their system but the use of social media for productive and impactful purposes. The new feature would allow these young and up and coming brains to get correct guidance and partake in activities that they qualify for based on their age and their area of interest in the office running.

Sofia Gross, the lead for this program and the head of social impact and policy partnerships, commented on the activity by calling it a way for snapchatters to push forward not only their ideas and creativity on a great scale but also allows them to explore their career in service of their nation.

Gross backed up her statement by commenting on the proactiveness of young users in the political system and considered it as a responsible element for these young guns to forge the world the way they want.

The backing for this is also secure as BallotReady, a US based election statistic collection firm, is pushing their aims for a better election and a better world across the board giving Snapchat and the youth a way to change, starting from themselves.

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