Google Ranks Over Every Other Tech Company In A Major Trust Survey

Google is a household name for technological services across the globe. With rising innovation and creativity in the market, there is no room to slack off and Google has shown that in clear fashion but being one of the most trusted resources and applications across the internet. The annual survey launched by The Verge is one of the most secure and widely acclaimed surveys and Google wiped the floor by being the most trusted application. Not only that, the second most trusted application is YouTube, another one of Google’s acquisitions that have generated great stead for them.

However, there was little surprise to come from it as Microsoft, Amazon and Apple did not make it in the place and were the likely competitors to do so. The Apple community has been on a rise since and the new iOS 15 updates paired with the iPhone 13 were expected to book a spot for Apple. Similarly the numbers for Amazon sales have risen over the top in the past two years, making them one of the most competitive and lucrative competitors in the list. Not only that, Microsoft and its long standing reign over Windows and Office were expected to bag a great deal in one of the most online years of all time; however, Google surprised all and took it home clean.

But it was not all that big of an upset as Google this year came forward as one of the most problem free platforms of all time. While Facebook was tackling cases in the senate and Apple was in similar problems themselves, Google was coming out clean and launching updates while securing files, folders in Drive and email on Gmail amongst many. The most important of these all was that unlike every other tech firm across the globe, Google is the most secure as no major data breach took place, and not only that Google followed suit with its unbiased principles when other firms were faced with spreading misinformation or putting their own interest first.

However, even though Google is faced with similar privacy settings as other firms, the only thing protecting and continuing Google seems to be the fact that at most times, this is the default application and as expected, something we have grown accustomed to, therefore increasing our trust factor for the company and its services.

The experts believe that since Google is the immediate answer for most of our problems and the default in terms of search engine, email, storage, calendar, weather and even maps to mention a few giving it an edge over Amazon, Apple and Microsoft that cater to a fraction of what Google caters to.
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