Report shows TikTok users believe that it is among the top non-toxic social network

Social Media, sometimes, can be a deceiving place, where everyone seems to have a happy, perfect life and people might believe that everyone else have their life sorted at each point in the time, apart from them and hence problems like depression, peer pressure and feeling like you are useless are bound to occur.

However, no matter what other positive things mindsets social media does bring, the negativity that is attached to it is something which cannot be erased.

But TikTok just came up with a pretty big statement. The tech giant has stated that according to its survey, it is one of the top most joyous places in the social media world.

TikTok partnered with Nielsen and conducted a survey of over 8000 TikTokers to determine what are the positive aspects on the application, how the users feel about it and on what basis does the entertainment application differs from the rest of the social applications on the chart.

The survey revealed that TikTok was apparently a genuine and authentic application where everything seems to be organic and relevant. While many agreed that the content that was displayed on it surely was genuine and came from the creator’s heart, others also stated that the advertisements on the application were genuine and organic too, which stopped the viewers from skipping past them and attracted them because they were so relevant.

There were many pointers which directly stated that TikTok was indeed an application which was different than others.

Creators on TikTok said that the short video making application gave them a space to express themselves through their content and video fully and 60 to 70 percent users around the globe said that they could be fully what they wanted to, how they wanted to express themselves on the app without the fear of being judged and 53 percent of the viewers also stated that they believe many creators were being their true selves on the app.

While other applications like Instagram and Facebook have proven to be toxic and harmful for the mental health of users because of the increasing competition there, TikTok happened to be far away from such peer pressure or competition creating application.

31 percent stated that they returned back to TikTok because it was a place where they weren’t judged and lifted their spirits while they took longer breaks from other socials. 57 percent stated that felt a sense of belonging and community on TikTok and 77 percent stated that they fully expressed themselves through their videos online.

All in all, no matter how much TikTok gets bashed and gets banned in many regions, the survey clearly highlights the fact that this application happens to be the most nontoxic, non-competitive place on the charts and people are genuinely quite happy with the way it works. The entertainment giant has managed to climb the charts and maintain the top position, despite being banned in so many regions and it still has a lot more to achieve.

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