Ad Retargeting Continues to Thrive Despite Apple’s Tracking Restrictions

Apple released a new framework recently called App Tracking Transparency which basically made it so that users were opted out of tracking by default. This meant that apps had to make users opt in to tracking if they wanted the data that was required to facilitate ads, and suffice it to say that this was no small task for anyone to end up performing at all.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that the rollout of this framework made a lot of people fearful that retargeting was no longer going to be something that was all that feasible. However, as per Remerge data, it turns out that over 50% of iOS devices still have IDFAs that can be used, and this inventory has made it so that there has only been a 10% drop in bids.

What this basically means is that a lot of users are actually opting in to ads with all things having been considered and taken into account. This means that the fears that a lot of people had about asking users for their consent in order to obtain data were more or less unfounded, at least from this perspective.

Whether or not the ad industry online can continue to thrive as IDFAs start drying up in the future remains to be seen, and it also can’t be predicted that this will actually occur. However, the first post ATT year has been somewhat normal for iOS advertisers, and with the increase normalcy coming in from Android it is safe to say that the industry is secure at least for the short term.

This indicates that Apple has actually protected its users without harming the industry even though many institutions were attempting to make it seem like Apple had made things unnecessarily difficult all in all.

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