Reddit Insights Have Recently Reintroduced View Counts To The Measurable Metrics On The Platform

Reddit is reintroducing view counts back into Insights, having overcome the scaling issues which led to their initial demise.

Any social media page nowadays is a potential font for advertisements and publicity. Facebook and Instagram step forward as some of the most prominent examples of advertising on social media, but every platform has their hand in the proverbial bag. WhatsApp's slowly building towards advertisements on the platform and has even expanded into separate business ventures. Twitter relies a lot on sponsored tweets and videos, TikTok has literally no shortage of clips being used as publicity fodder, and so on and so forth.

The interesting needles in this excessive bale of hay include the likes of Reddit and 4Chan; platforms where advertising isn't as prominent since the community severely frowns upon it. However, the latter also frowns upon anti-racism, so let's maybe ignore it. Reddit is a platform that relies entirely on communities built around niches and individuals that like talking about said niches. The last thing such netizens want is their posts being mixed up with the likes of ads. No library-going person wants to sit in the fiction aisle and be assaulted by a passing-by tradesman.

Reddit is a platform with ads, yes. But they're viewed with a generally strong sense of dislike, with many users being prejudiced against them. Of course, other forms of advertising can float, if tailored correctly. Nowadays, celebrities take to the AMA subreddit before the launch of a major movie, interacting with fans while also promoting the project at hand. However, ads are here regardless, and they'll be there to stay (especially if the devs want to keep the platform afloat for longer than a few months).

View counts are a major metric to keep one's eye on. They help determine an accurate sense of how many people a post is reaching, versus how many people are engaging with it. Brands and creators can utilize this to their advantage, going on to either tailor their posts to more positive audience reception, or to market their posts in sub-reddits that are more receptive. Combine view counts with total karma accrued & shares, and we have ourselves a pretty good handbook to advertising on Reddit. The view counts metric has only recently been reintroduced, and is being slowly rolled out. Only certain mods and creators have access. However, we'll all soon be able to check view counts as a community.

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