Mozilla Firefox launched ‘Suggested Searches’ in its new update

Mozilla Firefox is operating its browser from quite some time now, however, the service is always looking at opportunities of growth and to become a better version of themselves for their user’s ease. In order to do this, they launch new features often and among such features one has made its appearance with launch of the Mozilla 93.0 browser release.

This new update allows users to receive suggestion from the Firefox team once they start typing a specific word within the search column. The suggestions will be according to your preference that the search engine has downsized for you. However, while this update may seem like Firefox collects your data in order to give you specified and suggested results, this is not the case.

The firm is quite conscious about its users’ safety and privacy and hence the suggested searches depends upon the previous searches and most often used words from the bookmarks, browser history, and open tabs.

Many people believe that the feature was available in the previous Firefox version as well. However, its data is found on the current version release notes. What may be the case is that in the previous version it might have been released to a smaller proportion of people for testing purposes and made available to a large audience in this update after its success from the previous version.

Once users have updated to the version 93.0, it will show a pop up messaging asking for user consent to enable the suggested searches option. In case any user, who doesn’t want to enable it, does it accidently there is no need to worry. The tech giant works on the principles of its users ease and hence has provided the option to enable and disable this option according to their preferences.

In case anyone wants to disable the option, they should go to the on the hamburger menu and then select Settings. Tap on the privacy and security option present on the sidebar and the on the address bar ‘Firefox suggest’. From their users can tick or untick the option of contextual suggestions and occasional sponsored ads according to what they want.

While the feature is great some people won’t like the ad pop ups and it is nice to see that Firefox has provided the option for disabling it as well.

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