Apple Safari Browser's Bookmarks Are Now Even More Secure, Here's How

Apple, since its details regarding iOS 15 have initiated a new era in encryption and security for their users. With the new Apple transparency settings being initiated and blocking off all applications that track the user’s activity over the internet. With much heat from Facebook and Google for this action of Apple, it was expected for the mobile phone giant to back off, but as much as Apple puts on some updates for show and does not actually provide anything off, it also puts on some to prove their point of not budging from their point of view of user privacy and security protection across the board.

The new update was first called on the isle by not Apple themselves but a few media outlets and the press that initiated reports claiming that all bookmarks made on Apple devices including macOS and iOS are now end to end encrypted to further toughen up the security by calling an end to cookies being abused by advertisement agencies. This was pushed forward as a result of another Apple feature welcomed to iOS 15 that gives the user access to review all of the Apple applications installed on the device and as a result, the encryption setting on Safari is included in there.

A Reddit user further added to the point by mentioning that these secure encrypted bookmarks are now on a more than ever secure iCloud server. This was highlighted as a number of users realized that not only was the Safari History being linked to iCloud, but bookmarks and saves were also now being linked under the new iOS 15 release.

Apart from the bookmarks on Safari, there is a long list of features that are to be upgraded to end to end encryption let alone being allowed to be linked with the iCloud. The list includes backup, Calendars, Contacts, iCloud drives, Notes, Photos, Reminders, Siri Shortcuts, Voice Memos, and Wallet passes.

It is still unclear as to when Apple will progress with these applications for encryption, but there is a certainty to a degree that it is going to happen and for what its worth, it is better late than never to do so and would call in for Apple to get more response and reverence from the community than ever.

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