How These Graphic Design Trends Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy (infographic)

Visual elements are a crucial component of any marketing strategy because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing you to draw in a larger number of interested viewers and the like. Just like with everything else in marketing, it is important to make sure that the graphic design philosophy you implement over the course of your marketing campaign is in line with the latest trends, and we have some of these trends that you can look into below.

The people over at Venngage have created a handy visual that you can check out if you want to obtain any and all information about graphic design trends that might end up being pertinent for you. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that data visualization seems to be a really big aspect of this sort of thing. There is a lot of data that the average person needs to parse through, and the sheer scale of this data is something that can be difficult to comprehend.

Breaking the data down and visualizing it so that it can be more simply processed by someone or the other is a very powerful thing, and incorporating it into your marketing strategy can pay off quite well for you.

Making visuals more inclusive is also a pretty big trend. Even if your visuals only feature approximations of people, there are ways to make them more representative of ethnic minorities as well as other genders. This plays really well with a majority of the crowd that’s currently out there as they would feel a sense of representation in the visuals that they are seeing.

Another trend that has started to come about has to do with fonts. Bigger and bolder fonts are becoming a mainstay in the world of graphic design, and you would do well to keep this in mind when designing something or the other for a marketing campaign. The backgrounds need to be similarly bold, and the intriguing thing to note here is that serif fonts are making a comeback.

This can allow you to fit more information into an otherwise restricted space, and what’s more is that the font would still be clear even though you are packing all the information in tightly. Serif fonts also tend to have a bit of a retro feel to them which is something that can greatly benefit you from a lot of perspectives.

What’s more is that serif fonts pop out more which makes them easier to read as users will be able to more easily distinguish between letters and words. This makes your marketing more accessible to people that might have visual disabilities as well.

Perhaps the most pervasive visual element that can be noticed out there is that of memes. Memes are a part of internet culture in a really big way, and incorporating them into your branding can do a lot for you. However, you should be careful when you are using memes.

There is a nebulous internet lingo that you should adhere to while using memes. If you don’t adhere to this language, your marketing would start to seem disingenuous and people would assume that you are simply appropriating meme culture to meet your own ends.

Finally there is the rather common design trend of using quotes. The quotes need to be written in a serif font as well which plenty of colorful visuals to back them up. They can be displayed on a picture of the person that stated the quote which will make it easier for people to understand who said it and why they might have said such a thing all in all.

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