Instagram Will Now Automatically Translate DMs, & Is Introducing The Ability To Change What URL Stickers Look Like

Instagram's adding in the option to translate messages sent to one's DMs. The platform's also working on the ability to customize the text that's present in link stickers.

The first feature taps into something this author believes is a widely ignored, or at least not conversed about enough, part of the internet. With debate and discourse constantly surrounding all the potential negativity that the internet brings, along with daily cases of security breaches and cyber criminals running amok, it's easy to forget where the internet came from. Does anyone remember the late 80's and 90's, when all of this was kicking off in stride? The most popular platforms were chat rooms, MSN, areas that could be used for the exchange of cultures and opinions. Frankly, what with the continual success of social media and forums such as Reddit, exchange is still the best part of the internet. Any feature that helps further facilitate this is, in this author's book, a solid plus.

Screenshots supplied by social media leaker Alessandro Paluzzi reveal that Instagram's adding the ability to directly translate DMs to the platform. The feature can be located in one's chat settings, from where it can be toggles on or off, according to the individual's preferences. Either way, a very solid addition to the interface. Instagram's a very popular platform nowadays, with it being almost more successful than Facebook itself with the younger crowds. Allowing for pen pal-esque conversations between individuals, discussing their favorite topics and bonding over them without the barrier of language hanging over everyone's heads may be too cutesy of an idea, but it's the sort of thing that netizens should aspire towards. Exchanges of opinion and culture help erase negativity, instead of cultivating it.

The second feature we've got on our hands is one that introduces some fun functionality to links. Previously when links were posted to a story, they would only be posted with the entire URL hanging out there. However, no longer is that the case. With this new link sticker, users can add a link to it, but also select the text that displays. Therefore, a person could add a link to their favorite bakery's website, but the sticker can display the name instead of the entire URL. It really helps clean up the entire look of a story that's relying on links. It also helps bring more character to a story. The feature hasn't been fully rolled out yet, but it is under A/B beta testing in certain regions.

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