It Took A Year And Finally YouTube Shorts Has Started With New Areas Of Focus

YouTube faced severe competition over the clock as TikTok and all other similar platforms started to act over on the lack of content creation that is being extended to all the users. With much more knowledge and expertise required for editing, creating and making videos on YouTube, not to mention the huge number of subscribers and views required to enable monetization for the users to earn from YouTube as a profession. However, with TikTok’s easy to access and on the go video editing and making features, YouTube and its creative community was in danger.

To tackle this innovative and unique idea introduced by TikTok, the only problem faced by YouTube was to have a similar yet unique idea to take over the great mass of individuals that were going towards the competition. However, YouTube failed to do so and released a version of TikTok that prevents any copying accusation being levied on them on a legal basis, the version that they released was called YouTube Shorts.

Over the year since the release of YouTube Shorts, there has been a significant rise in the YouTube standings and an overall increase in the short video community as TikTok and YouTube are now locked in a battle to ensure the brand that would come out. With YouTube’s community already in the billions, and TikTok with its ever rising fame, YouTube decided to one up by introducing the new areas of focus that it would be working on as one year of YouTube Short’s initial release finally reached the shore.

With the addition of the green screen feature now introduced to Short fairly recently, the monetary incentives fulfilled by the Shorts fund for top content creators on the platform provides leverage and accreditation to the company for trying its shots. The new areas of focus reflected on additional insight for the users with comments, likes interactions and engagements being sent over in an analytical form paired by YouTube’s commitment and promise to driving a new monetization policy for Shorts’ content creators giving them not only the monetary support but stability to achieve there goals. Furthermore, with goals in mind, YouTube has decided to provide easier access for content creation by putting the create button at the Shorts page that is present there providing not just accessibility to the users but proper idea channeling for the new generation of content creators to flex their imagination on.
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