Instagram's Adding A Slew Of New Features Across Both Its Mobile & Desktop Interfaces

Instagram has recently released and tested a bunch of new features and updates that are worth taking the time to pore over. So, let's tackle the most interesting 5 in the following paragraphs.

Instagram Live's enjoying a lot of popularity nowadays. It's come a long way from being a feature used rather awkwardly by users just looking to share mundane details of their day. With talented and experienced content creators now populating Instagram, Live's used for entertaining games, interactive sessions, QnAs, video game streaming, and whatever else comes to mind. The first of our five features involves Instagram Live getting a Practice feature out. This is big news, especially for first time streamers or those individuals looking to go live with a very important event. Practice Mode will allow users to test lighting, audio, and other such details before going live, minimizing the risk of errors and problems down the line.

The second update of the day involves the hashtag interface as spotted by Samarth. Instagram added a new tab for Reels, allowing users to access new and fun videos much more easily. Upon searching up a hashtag, users can now check and see if any Reels have been made on the subject matter as well. Reels are enjoying a lot of popularity nowadays, no doubt making Instagram happy about the amount of effort they've put in to give TikTok appropriate competition. The tab even has its own CTA button, which urges users to use #reels, encouraging them to make their own new content for the platform.

While we're on the subject of Reels, one might as well discuss the third feature on our itinerary. Many users have multiple Instagram accounts, there's no doubt about it. However, interaction between these different accounts is rather limited, since Instagram doesn't particularly recognize a person's different accounts. However, a new feature will allow users to post their Reels across multiple accounts. It's a feature that Instagram definitely added in to make sure Reels get more reach, but users will still be pleased to have this exchange between accounts.

The next feature is an interesting one, since it has to do with Instagram's desktop version. The desktop interface is definitely the black sheep of the Facebook family of social media platforms, since it doesn't allow users to post any form of content. It's essentially a glorified viewing facility for posts that other users make. However, this new feature is allowing a bit more creative control to be added to the mix. Users will now be able to edit the posts they make on Instagram from the desktop version as well as the mobile one, as per Alessandro Paluzzi. This feature is still in beta testing, however, so don't expect to run into it until a few months.

The final feature of Instagram involves yet another desktop version feature that's currently under beta testing. Instagram's Explore Nearby button, a feature that only recently rolled out for all users, is getting the post editing treatment. Explore Nearby is a feature that allows users to check out nearby places of interest in a particular area, even handing out their own respective IG accounts, if any. A screenshot revealed by serial social media leaker Alessandro Paluzzi reveals that the button's been added to the desktop too. However, it too isn't fully available right now.

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