Instagram's Introducing A Slew Of New Features Oriented Around Reels, Business Tools and Improving UX

Instagram has got no shortage of newly implemented and tested features in the works. In this article, we'll quickly power through 5 latest of them.

Instagram's been slowly shifting towards more video based content, with the introduction of Reels and no shortage of supplementary features being proof. Reels have been receiving a lot of positive reception and user interaction nowadays, and it just seems like video content is the way to go for the platform. In that very spirit, Instagram is currently testing out longer Stories, as spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi. Select users, under a form of A/B testing are receiving the option to upload Stories up to one minute in length without being split up.

Speaking of Reels getting a slew of new features and developments, here's yet another one. Collabs is a new way for content creators on the platform to engage with each other, to the delight of audiences. Users can invite each other to become part of a collaboration. Upon accepting, the usernames of both individuals will feature on the header part of Reels and even IGTV videos, and the content will go up from both accounts at the same time.

The platform's also receiving a set of new Insights that content creators and brand marketers can utilize in order to map out performance. The three metrics are as such: accounts engaged will show the creator the number of accounts that engaged with their content over a period of time; engaged audience display information about a creator's audience, i.e. top cities and countries, gender disparity, age, and so on; and reached audience, which provides the same metrics as engaged audience, but for the people that your content has reached.

Instagram, as per Alessandro Paluzzi, is also testing what can only be described as the most adorably ineffective method of crowd control on the platform. Upon starting a conversation with a new account, a pop-up message will display, asking users to treat each other with mutual respect. Fair enough, that completely resolves all of the political, socioeconomic, and hateful strife that users engage with on a daily basis. All users needed to be reminded of is that they should keep Instagram a fun, safe space.

Finally, Instagram is testing out a new business-oriented feature on the platform, as reported by Ahmed Ghanem and Matt Navarra. Specifically, users will now have the ability to display placed orders over chat. By going through Instagram's business tools, users can add a price range, name the product that's been ordered, add any supplementary notes (i.e. delivery and shipping details), and send that information across chat. Ideally to the user that ordered said package in the first place.

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