Instagram is rolling out an update to their existing ‘Shops’ feature eventually making online product discover a lot easier for users

With the increasing demand of the ecommerce businesses throughout the world because of the pandemic, most social networks made it their business to fit this category into their platform as well. Hence, they took one measure or another to make sure their platform provided services which could be typically be a great way for earning for ecommerce businesses.

Instagram hence came up with ‘shops’ a service which allows sellers to display their products all in one place and makes it easier for users to buy.

The tech giant, however, is a big fan of update according to the needs to society which obviously, it should, considering a large mass is dependent on it.

Instagram recently announced that is introducing a new feature on ‘Shops.’ This new feature will make online shopping so much easier for the buyers on the application. You know how, you like a particular pair of product, let us takes jeans for an example, but there is one specific thing that you don’t like about it. So you search something in the same category which fits your demands, but it takes a lot of time for you to search through all the Shops and eventually you give up.

Well, the work has been made easy now. Instagram is rolling out a similar product search feature, which will display all the relevant and related products of what you have searched. If you tap on a turtleneck shirt, Instagram under it will give you similar looking but slightly different shirts from the same shop or from other shops on Instagram, eventually making shopping easier.

While online shopping was a trend pre pandemic as well, the occurrence of Covid19 has made everyone realize that online shopping was something we gave very less credit too and hence tech giants are being more active towards its involvement on their applications.

Facebook has made efforts too and so has its other acquired services.

It is great to see Instagram and other services being so conscious about such updates which make things easier for their users. The update is great and we believe it will help a lot of uses in having a smooth experience while shopping through Instagram,

However, if you can’t see this feature, it probably means that it hasn’t been launched within your region or that the tech giant has still kept it in its testing nature.

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