Ever Wonder Why You’re Recommended Videos From Years Ago? YouTube Finally Gives an Answer

Creators are often confused about the YouTube algorithm because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up changing how many views your video gets yet you might not fully understand how it works. For one thing, you might be seeing videos in your recommended section that are five or sometimes even ten years old, and it turns out that YouTube has decided to finally answer all of these questions and lay a lot of rumors to rest for good reason.

If you want to know about the old videos, YouTube has essentially started recommending videos that cater to your interests and when these videos were posted does not necessarily factor into the equation. YouTube might also be pushing these older videos precisely for the meme value, but that is speculation at best.

Another question that a lot of people tend to ask involves whether or not sharing a video outside of YouTube will negatively impact its performance. It turns out that this isn’t true at all, and in fact according to YouTube doing so would actually benefit it because the platform encourages users to share videos anywhere that they would like.

YouTube also highlighted the New to You tab which basically shows you content that you might be interested in but which you may not have engaged with previously. This is done to push content from new creators and fuel their growth which is important since the recommended section often only shows content from creators that already have a large audience.

YouTube addressed the importance of thumbnails and video titles as well in order to emphasize how creators can reach new viewers, saying that tags were not as important and that they should focus on the former a lot more than the latter if they want views.

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