Instagram Is Adding A Toned Down Version Of Live To The Platform, And May Allow Profiles To Be Embedded

Instagram is trying out a stripped down version of going Live on the platform. The platform's also testing out the ability to embed profiles onto websites.

The simplified Live feature, which we'll just refer to as simple Live moving onwards, comes off as a counterintuitive update at first glance. The entire point of going live via Instagram is to engage with one's userbase and fan community, creating content for the purposes of being viewed by and commented on by such people. What simple Live does is remove the ability for users to react to and comment on live videos. Simple Live videos also don't appear up and front of the Stories tab. This removes an entire dimension from what Live videos go out to accomplish. Imagine watching a Twitch or YouTube stream without the ability to comment on any of the proceedings, or express admiration for the creator and what it is that they're creating with the video at hand.

One might suppose that the entire reason that this feature exists is to allow content creators more flexibility in creating live videos. If, for example, an Instagram Live stream is only being made to update the relevant fanbase about something new on the horizon, or if the video's addressing a personal matter that needs no commenting on, this feature could work. Sure, why not? However, the ability to make videos and turn off commenting on them already exists. With that in place, simple Live videos become almost redundant, with their only advantage being the lack of editing associated with making content.

The other new feature added to the Instagram update list is the ability to embed profiles. Users have been able to embed posts onto different websites for quite some time now, but profiles are a new matter. Unlike our simple Live videos, this is also a feature that will no doubt lead to some form of excitement across the board. The ability to add content to one's website directly from Instagram is a fun feature to have, sure. However, the ability to directly add profiles, linking one's articles to specific profiles, and to effectively give shout outs to special people on Instagram is an effective move. Expect to see more and more Instagram accounts showing up on webpages in the coming days.

Neither of these two features has been fully implemented into Instagram popular. In fact, simple Live videos even come with a prompt, stating that the change to one's Live capabilities is temporary. However, one can see both features being implemented soon enough down the line. Or the embedded profiles, at least, maybe simple Live videos won't make the cut.

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