Google Delivers News With A Bang With Big Moments Feature

Google has been the go to for every individual across the globe with many considering it as the most prominent, widely used, and critically acclaimed source for information exchange. Not only that, with subsidiaries like Google Drive, Gmail, Chrome, Maps and the GSuite amongst many, Google is more than a search engine than ever before and the household name that is spread throughout the world, identical to everyone and free of all flaws coming with language barriers with its greater than ever inclusivity.

Despite the several fronts at which Google is intensely involved and engaged to better the world and facilitate its users, Google still is contingent on its roots of the search engine and the development towards making it the best source of all knowledge and news. The most recent update concerning Google as a Search Engine flies around with a feature to break huge news in real time to all users. The feature is known as Big Moments that are able to bring all news that on a big scale impact the user and their preferences.

The views in regards to the update revolve around a slack shown by Google in terms of presenting and delivering news apart from the news box that is displayed. The feature has been in development for over a year as a result of the problems and discrepancies faced by the employees at the Google headquarters for a proper and efficient way to break news to all the users.

This was occurrent for users when during an on going event, Google was not the source of information that had been expected but Facebook and Twitter took themselves early to the wind and were the main source for users to be linked and get a hold of any event that was going on at the moment.

The head quarters of Google brought their brains together and presented the idea to be the one stop shop for all news across the board for users to just type in what they want and get all up to date and on going information about any event at any point in time.

However, just like Google and their idea be the best at what they offer, the information that they intend to provide is expected to occur from the US state deposits of information such as Data Common and others providing credible and up to date data without having to be targeted due for presenting opinions.

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