Fortune’s 50 Most Powerful Women List Includes Three From Apple, Two From Google/Alphabet/YouTube, And One From Facebook

Fortune Magazine has been running the list of influential people for as long as it could be remembered. Fairly recently they released the list of the most powerful women as part of their annual releases and Apple shined strongly as three women in the list hailed from the tech giant, when it comes to top 50. The first of the two women is Deirdre O’Brien, the Senior Vice President at Apple Retail and People. The second is Lisa Jackson Vice President of environment, policy, and social initiatives, while the last is Barbara H. Whye Apple's VP of Inclusion and Diversity.

These three women lead the Apple baton towards the success and empowerment of women across industries and especially in the technological region where patriarchy and male dominance have ruled over and ruined the careers of many aspiring. In these times, the torch bearers of women empowerment are mentioned on this list every year for inspiration, motivation, and determination for not just women, but all human beings to look up to these individuals that have defied surreal odds to achieve what they have.

The first two of the Apple's executives have been part of this ranking for more than a year and managed to jump up two positions since the last rankings. O’Brien was able to jump up the ranks from 29 to 27, whereas Lisa Jackson achieved a similar feat from 35 to 33. The profiles of these two talented individuals leave nothing but star dust in its wake as O’Brien starts with her impact on more than 147,000 employees and millions of Apple customers that successfully receive the retail services. Her ranking up was backed up by the implementation of a successful back to work schedule and plan that she derived and put into action after Covid-19 took a beating at retail and in person activities.

Jackson’s activities left not only success for her but for the environment as well Apple under her control reduced their Carbon Footprint by a magnanimous 10% whereas also established a $200 million fund to restore back in April of the year. Not only that, she lead the successful implementation of Apple’s motto to reduce on Plastic by putting forward and achieving the shipment of 90% of all goods in fiber packages saving on plastic and costs.

Both of these women have been playing an important part in the development of Apple and their success is a result of Apple’s backing and their own determination and steadfastness in terms of extreme COVID-19 times for O’Brien and the worst environmental year for Jackson.

When it comes to Google/Alphabet/YouTube, Ruth Porat the chief financial officer of Alphabet Inc. stands at the number nine, while YouTube's head Susan Wojcicki appeared on 18th spot.

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg was also among the Fortune’s 50 most powerful women list, ranking at number 12.

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