Here Are the New Changes Coming to YouTube

YouTube has been focusing on making changes that can allow creators to have a better time making the most of the content that they are working so hard on, and with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that there are three new changes coming into the mix that most content creators are going to be quite excited about because of how much control they can get thanks to these changes being implemented.

The first change is one that will benefit small creators quite a bit by expanding mentions access to those that have 500 subscribers. Previously, creators needed to have 1,000 subscribers at minimum in order to be able to be mentioned, and this was a little restrictive since collaborating with someone or the other and getting mentioned by them is something that can send quite a bit of traffic your way.

Smaller creators would be able to grow a lot faster now that they can be eligible for mentions with as little as 500 subscribers, and chances are that this will create a huge boom in terms of creators growing their fan base as well.

Another change that is coming involves YouTube Analytics. Desktop users will be familiar with a card in their YouTube Analytics page called “When your viewers are on YouTube”, and this feature is going to be expanded to mobile users as well. Knowing when your viewers are usually on YouTube is important if you want to conduct any live streams or anything else of that sort, and it is important to keep in mind the numerous advantages that can come with this type of thing.

The final change that is coming makes it so that any chapters that you add to your YouTube video will now be used as metadata in the search engine. Hence, if you add a chapter with a specific keyword, anyone that searches for that keyword will be directed to your video even if the title doesn’t contain that word. These changes will be heartily welcomed by creators on YouTube all in all.

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