Google to introduce Fire Alerts, Self-Mapping and new cute Home Screen Widgets to its Maps application

Google is a massive tech giant with a number of companies and affiliations under its name. Apart from this, it has a large user number attached to it as well. Hence in order to maintain both its quality and keep their users happy with their services, the tech giant is always adding, fixing and updating new tools and features to all its applications and the tech giant has brought about some massive changes this time as well.

To start off, let’s take Google Maps in consideration. The application has been a life savior in times of need when you don’t know your way around. However, it updated from just being a way guidance app a few months back when Maps started offering various services like ‘near you’ restaurants and other locations as well as telling users where and how much time they spent at a place.

After all these updates, the tech giant has introduced a new “Fire” layer to its Maps, which Google announced at their Search On event this morning. The fire layer is a feature which will allow users to see active wild fires as the top level layer on the right side layer along with other facilities like satellite, traffic etc.

The purpose of this is to alert users about the wildfires in their area, along with the security information’s from government and fire protection agencies, emergency contact numbers and evacuation units etc. will be mentioned on the app. Information related to the spread of fire, contamination and how much area it has covered is expected to make its way in the future.

The fire alert feature will be making its way on Android next week and on iOS devices within the coming month.

This is great feature for users considering how wild fires have vastly increased within the United States and Australia.

Apart from this, the Maps will also be receiving a pretty cool new inner look with Google planning on introducing a new Home Screen Widget, as reported by 9to5G. The Map Widget Feature is expected to show a search bar on the main search screen along with four direct option bars, which will be categorized under the name ‘Restaurants’, ‘Bakery’ ‘Home’ and ‘Groceries’. Tapping on this will lead the users to the respected designations available near you.

The widgets are free sized so can be adjusted and categories can be changed as per your liking.

Lastly, the most convenient feature on Maps has been introduced. While on Maps, the main and known addresses and areas are mentioned, a lot of time there are under addressed or lesser known infrastructure whose addresses do not appear despite the area being shown. Hence it is hard for users to come up locate their addresses while making deliveries or for other purposes.

The Google Maps provides users with an option of Plus Codes, which will help them to create their unique and functioning addresses themselves directly on the Maps. It is impossible for Google to locate every place on earth themselves and this way it will be easier for both the company and users and will reduce costs.

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