Google Lens with a new update of Multitask Unified Model will soon reach more users through Chrome browser and official Google application on the iOS devices

Google is bringing Multitask Unified Model update in its Google Lens to augment the experience of its users. Moreover, the company is also bringing the Google Lens to its Chrome Browser on desktop and Google application on iOS so that more users can get information about any photo. A few months ago, Google unveiled the MUM as a significant development to its search browser.

You can now simply capture a picture in the lens and then swipe up. This will display the pictorial matches to your captured image. Soon, Google will also include the “Add Question” option at the topmost of the page so that, users can easily get the answer related to the image. This will improve their search. Google has also published 2 demonstration videos to show people how it will work. For instance, in one video, a person captured an image of a broken part of the cycle and asks the query about its fixing. After that, Google brings the videos related to the searched queries. However, in the other video, the Google lens assists the person in articles on the website. The Multitask Unified Model will be accessible to all users in the next few months. This will make it very easy for the users to combine the pictures and texts into one query. It will give users a possibility to search visually and ask a question in a usual way.

Google is also bringing the Google lens to the desktop Chrome browser and iOS devices. Users can tap on the photo for a few seconds and it will enable the user to search the queries with Google lens. It will also be accessible on the desktop Chrome browser and users can get the same experience by right-clicking. The search section of the page with a Google lens will allow the users to bring any photo to the search bar. The users can now give a more exact view of their image to get the information instead of showing the whole picture.

The Google lens on iOS devices will be accessible via the search bar of the Google application. The lowest part of will present the ‘Search Picture’ option and that will make the entire picture promptly searchable. The parts of attention will automatically be tinted. This closer lens in the Google search bar on the Apple smart devices will be available soon. Google is the first to lens and now it is conspicuously developing on the Apple platforms.

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